Traditional Religious Life


As members of the Franciscan Order founded by St. Francis of Assisi in the 13th century, our friars are committed to a traditional religious life whereby the contemplative dimensions of prayers and meals in common provide a solid foundation for our Franciscan fraternity and ministerial outreach.


Currently we serve the Church in Australia through multiple parish-based activities that focus on the sacramental and educational needs of local and immigrant families: through social outreach to the hungry and homeless, and through pro-life advocacy centre in our new 'Franciscan Shrine of the Holy Innocents'. We also embrace the Franciscan ideals of the Conventual friar, St. Maximilian Kolbe (+1941), by promoting Marian consecration, Eucharistic devotion, youth and adult faith formation, along with Catholic research, writing, and publishing, as part of our active involvement in the worldwide evangelization of the 'Militia Immaculata' ('Knights of the Immaculate').

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the Holy Innocents':

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Franciscan Friars Australia

An International Brotherhood


From the beginning, the Conventual friars in Australia have remained an international brotherhood of men serving Down Under from many different lands and cultures. This diverse character of our fraternity has broadened our worldview and formed us with a deep loyalty to the needs of the Universal Church. Our friars have laboured generously in various missions in Africa, Asia and South America, they have ministered at our motherhouse, the Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi, and have served as confessors at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. 

Other Current Ministry Opportunities:
  • Parochial Ministry

  • Youth & Young Adult Ministry

  • Ministry to the Poor & Marginalised

  • Shrine Ministry

  • Marian Apostolate

  • Franciscan Third Order

  • Primary & Secondary Education

  • Tertiary Education

  • Chaplaincy to Schools or Universities

  • Chaplaincy to Ethnic or Language Groups

  • Chaplaincy to Aged Care Facilities

  • Pro-Life Initiatives

  • Diocesan Administrative Involvement

  • Retreats & Days of Recollection

  • Missionary Opportunities

  • Ministries Involving Artistic or Musical Talents

  • Writing or Research

Other ministry ideas and opportunities are encouraged with consultation with the Delegation Council.